It is very convenient now to look for your location or the place where you want to go without bringing your map. This is the most advanced and simple way to locate the different spots that you can go by just having a smart phone on your hand and clicking the google map there. This will help you to explore different areas and tourist destination without worrying of getting lost. Google map view helps people to get access to the path and road more conveniently. Some people are not the techy enough to explore many useful things about their phone. That is the reason why they are afraid to install some applications even if those apps are very useful not only to their daily living but for emergency and future needs. Here are some of the gathered useful benefits of having an electronic map like google be installed to your phone.  


  1. The basic function of this electronic map is to give you the direction. No matter it is a place, a transportation terminal or spots. It could be about a tourist destination or going to the nearest location. Millions of tourists are using this when they are travelling as this gives them so much help whenever they are new to the place or when they get lost in the middle of nowhere. You can type where do you want to go and then the map will show the possible path that you can cross and even give you the direction on how to get there and the time and minutes that you need to spend.  
  2. If your place or current location can’t be found in the google map. Then, you have the chance to add it. In this way, it would be very convenient for you to get the right and proper instruction on how to get to the place where you want to go.  
  3. Like we were talking to the first reason. This map can give you the estimated time of your travel and even the number of steps that you need to walk when you go to a certain place. It gives you the convenience to maximize your time and be able not to be late for your appointment.  
  4. You can add up some details here as well. For example, you can put a comment and a picture of the places that you have visited. In this way, you can help other people to see and to check the possible things and how the place looks like.  
  5. If you don’t know the name of place where you are staying or standing. You may check your google location map to know exactly where you are right now.  
  6. If you are not so good at reading the instructions because you are driving or walking around. Then, you may use the voice instructions provided.  
  7. You don’t want to be in the middle of hot and tiring traffic jams. All you have to do is to turn on your data and click the google map icon and check where you can go to get away from the congested traffic situation.